We frequently get questions about what Match Poker is and how our app, Match Poker Online™, will work. Here we tackle the most common questions – in the lead up to our Beta launch – to give everyone a better idea of what we’re about.

What is Match Poker Online™?

If you know how to play Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, then you know how to play Match Poker.

Where Match Poker is different is that we will have a database of millions of hands that have been played thousands of times before. Every hand you play is us dealing one of these hands to your table at random – not only your cards, but also your opponents’ cards, and the flop, turn and river. [See our video for a quick explanation]

Every time your opponent gets that lucky card on the river that cracks your top pair, instead of being crushed, you won’t even be affected. This is because the number of chips you win at your table doesn’t define your result. What we care about is how well you performed relative to the people who have already played this hand.

If you lose a hand, but lose fewer chips than your predecessors did in that hand, you win Rating Points (RP) and improve your world ranking.

If you win a hand, but you performed worse than your predecessors, you’ll lose Rating Points.

All that matters is how you many chips you won or lost relative to those who played this same hand before from your position.

This is what makes Match Poker a sport!

What do you mean when you say, “Match Poker is a Sport“?

We mean that it is legitimately a sport! In 2017 the GAISF declared that Match Poker was officially a sport. This is the world governing body for sport – and sits above the Olympic Committee. It has given Match Poker the same level of recognition on the world stage as Rugby League.

But, doesn’t the definition of ‘Sport’ require some sort of physical activity?

In some places, yes – and that’s why Match Poker is sometimes called a ‘Mind Sport’ – like Chess, Bridge, Go, and others.

What are Rating Points?

Rating Points (RP) are how we score your performance in Match Poker. The better you outperform your category average for a hand, the more points you get! Learn more about our Rating Algorithm here.

How do I gain Rating Points when I play?

All you have to do is play well! Sometimes the best action is to fold because you have poor cards, sometimes you can outperform your predecessors by bluffing – any way that you perform better than average will earn you Rating Points (RP).

We’ll quickly start you off in a rating category. It will probably be a little lower than your true rating category, but we’ll find this out soon enough as you play. As you demonstrate that your skill is above the average for your rating category, you’ll be promoted into higher categories.

We also have Sit ‘n’ Go tournaments in a Match Poker format (such as ‘Scrap’ and ‘Elimination’) which award RP for placing highly.

Do I play against real people at my table, even if they’re not my real competition?

Yes. We believe a true poker experience involves having real people at your table, so we will seat you at tables with real players, even though your real rivals are those who have played this hand before – not those currently at the table.

Why should I try to gain lots of Rating Points?

Well, the International Federation of Match Poker runs national and international championships of Match Poker multiple times a year. Those who have demonstrated sufficient skill in our app – through garnering enough Rating Points (RP) – will be given the opportunity to try out for their national team. It’s your entry to being an international (mind) athlete!

What if I struggle to win Rating Points?

We’re here to help! Make sure to check out our Strategy Guides section of our website, or head to ‘Training’ and ‘Puzzles’ in our app, and we’ll show you tips and tricks that every professional poker player uses to get ahead in their game. These are guaranteed to help you gain Rating Points if you find yourself stagnating.

We even have a starting point for beginners!

Can I win money in Match Poker?

Not in the way you think. We don’t allow the wagering or staking of one’s own money in our app.

…But this doesn’t mean you can’t win money. Like any sportsperson who demonstrates enough skill, succeeding in Match Poker can, we hope, lead to sponsorship deals, prize money for winning large tournaments and perhaps even subsidised costs of international travel.

How can I play Match Poker Online™?

The app will be available by December 2020, but you can sign up to be among the first to play at this link: https://matchpoker.com/beta

Match Poker Online™ Loading Screen