Click the image above to play our ‘How Match Poker Works’ video from YouTube.

Match Poker is played like a regular No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em poker game*.

Where Match Poker is so special is that:

  • The hand that you (and all other players) are dealt will already have been dealt and played hundreds or thousands of times before.
  • So, instead of scoring you against the players at your table, Match Poker Online™ will compare your score against everyone who played those same cards before – in the same position and with the same flop, turn and river.
  • This removes a large element of the luck in poker and replaces it with a real assessment of your skill.
  • We then rank that skill.

For example, let’s say you were dealt AA in first position. One player calls. The flop is A72. You bet and get called. The turn is a 9. You check, she bets 60% of the pot, you re-raise 60%, she calls. The river is a 7. You bet. She goes all-in. She may be bluffing, or may have A7 – or, heaven forbid, 77. You call. Her quad sevens costs you all of your chips and this knocks you out of the tournament.

In Match Poker you are NOT punished on this hand. You don’t even get a negative score, because you scored pretty much what everyone else did with the AA crashing into 7777. Match Poker Online does not punish bad luck.

What Match Poker Online does is shown in the following example. Say you play a hand and win 380 chips, the app then shows you:

  • how many times this hand was played before
  • the average chips won on that hand (say, 320)
  • that you beat 72% of players who had played your hand

…and then converts this into Rating Points (RPs) or, in our tournaments, Event Points (EP’s).

We then show your RP on a ranking ladder – where you will be able to see yourself move through the ranks to high and higher levels!

Finally, what is also so special about Match Poker Online is that we can also take into account the skill level of players you play against – just like in chess – where, if the player you beat is lowly ranked, your rating points may not go up much, but if their ranking is much higher than yours, your ranking points will go up a lot.

So we hope you enjoy playing The Sport of Poker – where skill beats luck. Download the app today!

Are there terms or phrases here that you don’t understand? Don’t worry, click here for a page dedicated to all the Poker terms you’ll need!

*We said, earlier, that Match Poker is played like any poker game. It is, except for the fact that, in most Match Poker events, your chips reset every hand. [This is so that we can get the highest quality evidence of your skill. It would not be fair to compare your performance on a hand when you are short stacked with 12 BB, against a player with those same cards but a 100BB stack]