The Leaderboards section of the Match Poker Online™ app is where we show players how they stack up against each other.

The Global Leaderboard

Very simply, there is a Global Leaderboard, which shows every Match Poker Online player, organised by Rating Points (RP).

[If you’re unsure how Rating Points work in Match Poker, we have resources here that will help you understand]

Other Leaderboards

We understand that while it’s fun to see where you rank in the world, it’s not very useful for the majority of players who aren’t aiming to become Grand Masters.

This is why we have ‘Other Leaderboards’. This tab allows players to compare themselves with like-minded, similar, or relevant adversaries.

By default, we obtain every player’s home country on sign-up. You will find that, in ‘Other Leaderboards’, you can compare yourself to just the other players in your country.

Maybe you’re not “World Number 1” material, but that doesn’t stop you from being number 1 in your country…?

More Leaderboards

When you first open Leaderboards, you will be asked if you would like to give us more information about yourself. This is entirely voluntary[1].

This extra information allows us to provide more specific leaderboards for you to be a part of. At this stage, we only provide specific leaderboards based on age[2], gender and location (being your region/state and postcode).

The dropdown box under ‘Other Leaderboards’ will allow you to change between the different leaderboards, if you have given information that allows you to be categorised into those leaderboards.

As an example, if your age is 31, you could choose to view a leaderboard comprised of only players aged 30-35. If you gave your State/Region as California, you could view a leaderboard of only Californians.

This allows us to provide players with an exciting comparison, and a chance to be the best. Perhaps you’re not the best in the world – but maybe you’re the best in your age bracket? Maybe you’re rank 72,971 in the world, but in your postcode you’re only 31 Rating Points away from being the top dog!

[1] Please note: This information is collected in line with the GDPR. View our privacy policy here.

[2] Note: We ask for players’ birthdays instead of ages; we use this to automatically calculate and update players’ age.

Give us your ideas!

What other leaderboards would you like to see yourself on? Do you maybe want to rank yourself against others of your profession? What about your religion? Do you have an interest, perhaps, in seeing how you fare amongst players who support the same sporting clubs as you?

Tell us what communities you belong to and we can create leaderboards for those communities!

If you want it, we can make it happen! Just email