In the Match Poker Online™ Ranking System, players are ranked across 5 broad Ranking Tiers, from Rookie to Elite; from 1200 Rating Points to 24000 Rating Points.

If you are unfamiliar with Rating Points (RP) then you can learn more about them here.

These 5 Tiers, from lowest to highest, are:

  • Rookie (1200-8999 RP)
  • Challenger (9000-11999 RP)
  • Established (12000-14999 RP)
  • Advanced (15000-18999 RP)
  • Elite (19000+ RP)

These ranking groups have been designed to reflect a bell curve, with the largest concentration of players falling into the Established Tier.

Each Ranking Tier is then broken down into 20 Ranking Categories with their own special identifying icons, distinguished by their different colours:

Each Category in the Ranking System is then further broken down into Ranks, denoted by their “suits”. Clubs represent the lowest rank in that group, followed by diamonds and hearts, with spades representing the highest rank.

This results in the 149 Ranks found in Match Poker Online.

The Match Poker Online™ Ranking Progression

Your Ranks are determined by Rating Points, using our sophisticated algorithm – learn more about how this algorithm is able to rank players based on their skill, whilst mitigating the influence of luck!


We hope you like the names for the Tiers and Categories within our Ranking System, but we’d love your input. If you have ideas for better names, we want to hear them!
Twice a year we will gather all the suggestions sent to us in the six months prior and we will discuss each and every idea.
Please send your ideas to

Until further notice, we’ll review our category names then and offer prizes to names we adopt. (When suggesting names, please give us any background that tells us why it’s a great name). You can suggest names for Tiers, Categories, or both. The more exotic and mysterious, the better. We’ve had suggestions for names such as ‘Ministry of Clouds’ for the gold Tier, or Sundancers for the yellow, orange and red Tier. We’ve had suggestions that the top six Categories be the tallest mountains in the solar system!

Think outside the box! The weirder and more exotic, the better. We want you to help us invent the world ranking of poker players based on nothing but skill!