You may have seen the ROAD to the WORLD option in the Match Poker Online™ lobby…

ROAD to the WORLD placeholder text

The ROAD to the WORLD is where players from all levels, not just the very best, get a chance to qualify for their national team!

There are many ways to gain eligible to compete in ROAD to the WORLD.

  • You can win a Main Event
  • You can win your way up through local, regional and national championships
  • You can be at the top of one of the five Tiers when we launch the ROAD!
  • Grand Masters are automatically eligible

Players who are at the top of the 5 Tiers (i.e. around 8999 RP, 11999 RP, 14999 RP, 18999 RP and 24000+ RP respectively) can find themselves eligible for the qualifying round. You can learn about our ranking system here

On the day that we announce the ROAD is coming, all players can strive for eligibility by:

  • being amongst the tier leaders for their level on that day; or
  • reaching the required number of RP by the end of a limited period (e.g. two weeks)

Players whose RP falls down to the required RP from above will be ineligible.

Then, a certain number of players in each tier will get the chance to play in the playoff round(s) for a seat on their nation’s international team! Your competition will be fierce, but the rewards will be formidable!

Do you want the chance to play for your country? Download the Match Poker Online™ app and play for free today!

Please note this initiative is currently in development. More details will be released in the future. If you have feedback and ideas you wish to contribute, please let us know by emailing: