How do you gain more Rating Points (RP)?

If you find yourself struggling to gain Rating Points, then here are some things to bear in mind:

  • The further away you are below your True Rank, the faster you’ll gain Rating Points;
  • Hence, the closer you are to your True Rank, the harder it will be to gain Rating Points and rank up.

Eventually, of course, all players hit a “wall” – this is when you slowly gain fewer and fewer RP from each hand/tournament until your RP just seem to plateau or stagnate. This is normal. It means the algorithm has figured out the true level of your relative skill at poker. We call this your True Rank.

[Learn more about our unique Ranking Algorithm here]

When you’ve reached your True Rank, there are only two ways your RP will increase:

  1. You can play our Tournaments, where winners are awarded RP for placing in the top four.
  2. You learn to play better, improving your skill, and therefore improving your RP (which reflects your increased skill).

Note: Your True Rank can always change and still be your True Rank – because your skill level in poker doesn’t always remain the same.

So, the question then changes from “how do I gain Rating Points?” to “how do I improve my play at poker?

Well, we’re here to help.

For starters, we strongly recommend you go to our Beginners’ Starting Point, which will redirect novice players to different guides to help them develop all the basic skills.

For those more-experienced players, we’d suggest they check out our article: 10 Tips to Win Rating Points Faster!

We are very keen to help you become a better poker player!